Get to Know Jen and Dave


Since I really don’t think I’d be a complete human without my cliché “other half” I figured I’d spend a post telling the story of us as a couple. Meet Dave: the husband to my wife, the peanut butter to my jelly, the calm to my storm, and the yin to my yang!

Dave and I met in high school, as a blind date to his grad (“prom” for my American friends). I was 16, he was 17. The dress I chose to wear to the dance was a cute, above-the-knee, cream-coloured lace number… Ironically enough, it was a wedding dress. We spent that night laughing  at each other’s awkward jokes and even more awkward teenage dance moves. We fell in love in our fancy clothes, over a lukewarm buffet dinner and a taffeta tablecloth.

More than a decade later, we’ve still got bits of those lovestruck, starry-eyed teens intertwined with the deeper ties that form when you’ve loved and lived and been through the ups and downs of life with someone. We’ve had so many moments of immeasurable joy: milestones like buying our first home, moving to the big city, getting married, starting a business, travelling and adventuring, and welcoming our beautiful baby boy to the world. Together, we’ve also endured pain and sorrow: most especially a terrible car accident and brain injury that changed the course of our lives, and the loss of our first baby through miscarriage. We’ve been tested, to be sure, but for the most part we’ve been incredibly lucky. I can’t imaging navigating this thing called life with anyone else as my copilot. With Dave it’s beautiful and easy and right – he’s my person and I am his!


We make an interesting duo. He, a coffee roaster spending his days roasting beans, managing a business, and pouring the meanest latte in town. Me, a Ph.D. student in Clinical Neuropsychology spending my days writing research proposals, working with patients, and being allergic to caffeine (…I know…) But we’re also very similar, always growing and moving together in a sort of coordinated, practiced dance. He knows what I need before I do, and I know his mind just by looking at his face. SO MUCH CHEESE. But it’s our cheese and I think it’s the finest in all the land.


Speaking of cheese, you can often find us gazing lovingly at each other over a hefty charcuterie board. Or cuddled up in bed with a glass of wine and a bowl of truffle popcorn. Or camping, hiking, and exploring whenever we can carve out the time. We’ll also never say no to an epic night of board games. Or Hawkins Cheezies… we love that shit.

So I guess that’s us in a nutshell! We’re just a couple of weirdos in love with each other and with our crazy little life. Thanks for stopping in on our journey and we hope you follow along!




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