Babes who Brunch (with babies!)


A particularly wise friend of mine (in fact, the one in these photos!) told me that you should count on spending most of the first month of motherhood either in, on, or around the bed. At first this sounds super appealing – lazy days spend cuddling your newborn in a cave of blankets! But for a busy-body like me, the shine wore off pretty quickly. I wanted to do things! I missed going out. I missed my friends. And I particularly missed weekend brunch!


Ok, so braving my favourite local brunch spot on a busy summer weekend with a squalling brand new baby might not be in the cards, but being a new mom doesn’t have to be totally black and white! Enter our compromise: Brunch in bed with the babies! There was pastry. There was bacon. There was spit-up and poopy diapers. Sure, it wasn’t nearly as glamorous as my usual mid-morning dining with the girls, but it was completely perfect in its own charming way!





It was a bit of a rocky start, but I’m slowly learning to find ways to make my new reality as a mother resemble my old reality. Being a new mom doesn’t have to mean less fun or less engagement with life! I think it’s just about finding different ways to incorporate the things you love into your new world. Simpler ways!

So reach out, mamas! Communicate and actively pull the things you need and love into your life!

Did you come up with any clever ways to modify life to accommodate your new babe? Let us know in the comments below!



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