Pregnancy Announcement

When we got pregnant back in September, 2017 we were so excited to share our big news! We toyed with a lot of different ideas for the announcement, but decided to keep it pretty simple in the end. I thought I’d share what we came up with on the blog today!

We chose to wait until after the magical (or arbitrary?) 12-week mark to be on the safer side before going public, and I’m glad we did. When we lost our first pregnancy in those early weeks, I found it easier to grieve that loss within the relative privacy and safety of a few very close friends and family. This time, for three exciting (and nerve-wracking!) months, Dave and I shared a tiny secret that was all our own. It was an incredibly special time filled with shared, knowing smiles and whispered conversations about our dreams for the future of our family. We were nervous but tried to cultivate a kind of cautious optimism – what was meant to be would be, and we knew we’d be parents someday, however it worked itself out to happen.

Of course, there is no completely “safe” time in any pregnancy, but once we had made it through the first trimester we felt a bit more confident and bit more ready to share our happy news! Since Dave and I both love photography, we knew we wanted to announce our pregnancy with a couple of simple yet epic photos – one related to coffee for him and his work following, and a personal one for me! Here’s what we came up with for the shop announcement:

“Today we’ll take our coffee with an extra shot of BIG NEWS! Our little Canoe Coffee Roasters family is adding a new member in 2017!”

I love how this one turned out! It was so “us” with the personalized camping mugs and simple style. We had so much fun unleashing this cute photo on the world and seeing all of the love and support that was poured back at us, like a steamy cup of love-filled dark roast 😉

For my own personal announcement, we chose to take a belly shot, since I was lucky enough to start showing just a teeny, tiny bit by 12 weeks. I wanted something light, airy, and simple and here’s what we got:

“The secret’s out – and so is my little bump! Baby Upshaw will be joining our family next Summer!”

And that’s how we announced our pregnancy! Do you know of any extra cute or creative ways to announce a pregnancy? Let us know in the comments below!



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