Friend Photoshoot

Two of my friends and I were sitting around one evening when we realized that we only had one single photo of the three of us to show for our 10+ year friendship. We’re not much for “selfies” and just aren’t quite cool enough to have professional photographers follow us around on our lady dates, so I guess we just never really thought about it. And part of me is actually glad about that!

We live in a digital world that bombards us with photos. Picture-perfect friendships, polished women laughing, smiling, and looking glamorous while they eat, drink, and do cool things together… It’s enough to make any girlsquad feel like they’re doing “friendship” wrong! But how much of it is actually real? How many carefully taken photos did it take to get that carefree shot? How much time was spent having the fun we see in the images, and how much was spent stressing over posing for the perfect, instagrammable picture? I guess what I’m saying is that sure, it would be awesome to have pretty pictures of a pretty life with my pretty friends, but if that comes at the expense of having genuine relationships with my peeps… no thanks! I’ll take one pose-y, planned photoshoot every decade or so, stuffed right in between a million missed photo opportunities that we were enjoying ourselves too much to care about!

And so, with my philosophical mini-rant out of the way, here are some of the images we captured during our Frotoshoot (Friend Photoshoot! no? ok, cool, no worries.) It was so much fun to get in front of the lens with my best gals! And you better believe I’m going to instagram the crap out of these pictures and make it look like we have our friendshit together. We definitely don’t, there were definitely about 5000 outtakes, and we definitely spent way too much time getting ready. Whatever 😉 If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em right? Hahaha.













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